Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top 10 Work at Home Jobs

People are swarming to the Internet for hope in creating extra income working at home. Many do just that and some have replaced their day jobs with legitimate homeshoring work.  How exciting is that?  T he opportunities are there, they just have to be found and then taken advantage of.  Many are afraid to give themselves that chance. If you are one of these people you have to take chances in life to be successful.  Most of the Top 10 programs that allow you the freedom to work from home are very inexpensive and easily affordable so give yourself a chance at the American Dream.

I see so many searches for the top 10 work at home jobs on the Internet. You see searches for phrases like home job legitimate top work, home job top work, from home job top work, home top work and business home top work, top legitimate homeshoring jobs, top work at home jobs .

Many people are looking to start what they believe to be a Top 10 work at home program. There are thousands and thousands of programs out there to choose from and many of them are scams. What does a person do that want or better yet must sift through the masses of programs.

My first suggestion is that you either use a website like mine that gives you insight as to the different legitimate job options that are available. There are many good web sites available to help you, whether you use mine or not is up to you. But why would you want to reinvent the wheel?  Either way you need to use a good web site or be prepared to spend hours doing the research yourself. It can be done and you can be successful.

It is no wonder why many people are want to start working from home. I can tell you from my experience it is very relaxing and quite enjoyable.
I have done the research and here is what I found to be what I consider the Top 10 types of programs.

Data Entry - Here are the top 2 Top rated programs I found in this area.
Data Entry Home Business
On Line Data Entry Jobs

Type at Home - Here are the 2 Top rated programs I found in this area.
Start A Secretarial Service 
Free Lance From Home As A Virtual Assistant

Online Paid Surveys - Here are the 2 Top rated programs I found in this area.      
Paid Surveys Etc

Moms Jobs - Here are the 2 Top rated programs I found in this area.
Legit On Line Jobs
Real Writing Jobs
Home Based Business - Here are the top 2 Top rated programs I found in this area.
Working Solutions

I found many more quality programs, but to be frank it was very easy to limit myself to these Top 10 work at home programs. They stand out in comparison to all of the others.                 
You will need to do the following to get your exciting new work at home endeavor started:
1. Pick 1-3 programs that will help you create multiple income streams.        
2. You will need a computer, access to the Internet and some extra time.         
3. You should set up separate email address if possible.
4. Join the program and get started.
5. Put forth the effort required to ensure your success.                  
In summary there are many good programs to choose from so do your research, choose from the Top 10 programs and take the plunge. Do your research, choose the best programs in your opinion, join and start creating income from the comfort of your home.
 Your feedback is important to me. Give me your feed back.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Home Based Travel Business - How To Make It Work For You

Running a home based travel business is the wave of the future.  Though it may seem simple to run a home based travel business, you need to know what kind of home based travel business you want to run and what types of situations you will deal with in running a home based travel business.

Basically, there are two types of home based travel agents – referral agents and booking and selling agents.  Referral agents do not book nor do they sell any travel products, they just run a home based travel business that points consumers in the direction of the travel agency, where the agency closes the sale and books the actual travel.  If you have little travel industry experience, running a home based travel business that focuses on referrals may be a good option for you. 

However, if you are interested in starting a home based travel business that gets into the details, then you may be more interested in becoming a booking and selling agent.  You can run a home based travel business that plans a number of types of trips or you can develop a more specific niche like cruises, Europe, or other forms of travel.  Running this type of home based travel business will require more contact with clients to figure out what types of things their clients like to create a trip that fits the client.  All this hard work does pay off, because this type of home based travel business results in you earning more commissions.

What are the benefits of having a home based travel business?  There is, of course, the flexible schedule and the bonus of being your own boss.  Yet, a home based travel business can also reap you other rewards like earning a couple fun vacations each year.

If you are going to start a home based travel business you will need to connect with a host agency.  It is important to make sure that you separate the host agency from your home based travel business.  You need to remember that you may your home based travel business may work with the host agency, but you are not a customer nor are you an employee of that agency.  Keep it as a business relationship. 

Starting a home based travel business can be a fun and rewarding experience.  Decide on what type of home based travel business you want, based upon how involved you want to be with your clientele.  Get in touch with a host business, and then enjoy the flexibility and rewards you can earn in your home based travel business.

Are you serious and excited about starting your own home based travel business?  The eBook Complete Niche Travel Package is vital to you success.  Check it out here!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cyberspace Tutoring – Zeroing On Legitimate Jobs

Regardless if you're a teacher or an expert in a particular language, musical instrument, math or other discipline, finding legitimate homeshoring online tutoring jobs can be frustrating unless you first conduct a little research . There are many resources available to assist you in you search.  You can structure your search to including online classifieds, tutoring service websites, grocery store bulletin boards and print newspapers.  You have done the hard work and zero in om some possibilities but still have to answer the one million dollar question; how do I distinguish legitimate homeshoring work from the scams out there?

Research All Leads
The first step toward finding legitimate homeshoring work as a tutor is to research all leads. Researching those who were referred to you, ads posted by individuals or services and those who contact you via ads you post can help protect you from being scammed. As a homeshoring professional, you want to provide the best services possible and avoid any unnecessary hassles, so finding out who you will be working for is essential.

Common ways to research leads include:
·         Visiting tutoring service websites and conducting a business search using tools provided by the Better Business Bureau.
·         Contact tutoring services to learn more about payment, types of work available, how much travel if ant is involved and other important information about assignments.
·         When contacting individuals, find out what their needs are, where they are located and why the decision to advertise for a tutor online.
If a tutoring service requires you invest some of your own money, you should find out why. Don't invest in these services as they are probably scams. Tutoring services, like any other service, need employees in order to stay in business and should be paying you, not the other way around.

Set Rates for Tutoring Services
One of the best ways to avoid being scammed is to start your own tutoring business. Thanks to the Internet, you can advertise your services in online classifieds, community message boards, college campuses and other places you feel people will see your advertisement.
Setting rates, maximum distance you are willing to travel, how often you want to be paid and how many sessions you will offer each month will make it much easier for people to decide if they really want to use your services. By setting a flat, hourly rate, you can weed out those who are interested in tutoring, but who are unwilling to commit to paying you on a regular basis.
Create a contract outlining your rates and other information about the services you'll be providing. This will ensure that everyone involved understands what is expected.
Depending on your area of expertise, there may be many opportunities for you to find steady work.
Conducting Interviews
Before accepting any tutoring position, schedule a meeting so you can go over the job requirements, rates and other important information. During this meeting, take the time to ask your own questions. Rely on your instincts to determine which tutoring opportunities are worth pursuing and which ones to walk away from.
The more information you have about a tutoring assignment or tutoring service, the more secure you will be when accepting an assignment. When you find a tutoring opportunity online, always schedule a face-to-face meeting.  It is the best way to decide if the job is right for you.  The eBook Your Tutor In Business will guide you to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that so many beginners makeCheck it out here!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Have you ever imagined making a living working as a Super Mystery Shopper? That is not possible I hear the skeptic in you shouting, it is not real! The neon light with the word SCAM starts flashing in your mind and then you dismiss the thought. Let me assure that this is very possible. However, to get to this plateau, you have to be top in you field with the best approval ratings of the top contractors in the business.

Working as a Super Mystery Shopper or as some prefer to be called a Super Secret Shopper can be fun, exciting and rewarding. However, being a Super mystery shopper is not for everyone. The basic job requirements are excellent memory, to be very observant with a special eye for paying attention to details. Having these basics skills coupled with a workable plan will pave the path to becoming a Super Mmystery Shopper.

Here is the Super Mystery Shopper Plan I follow to complete my assignment.             

1). Preparing For The Assignment:
-Chose assignment in batches and in proximity that allows to navigate easily from one location to the next.
-To ensure maximum efficiency, print out all daily assignments.
-Re-read- make sure you understand exactly what is expected of you.
-Pay special attention to shopping time frames. Make appointments required prior to the assignment.
-To save time arrange daily assignment sheets in the order the assignments are to be done.

2). On Location:
-While in the parking lot pay special attention to your surroundings.
-Make mental notes of neighboring businesses, land marks, significant points of interest.
-Pay close attention to signs on buildings, cleanliness of parking lot, landscaping and outward appearance of shop.
3). The Shopping Experience:
Once inside the store make the shopping experience as natural and normal as possible. Blend in with the other customers while making your purchase. Remember that an effective Mystery Shopper is woven from the fabric of anonymity. Do not remove your mask and blow your identity. Do not take notes. Dead give away. Draw on your ability to be observant and to pay special attention to details.

4).While shopping make mental notes of the following:
-Whether or not there is a line, the wait time, and how long did it take to be acknowledged.
-General appearance inside.                                           
-Use of name and eye contact                                                                                                   
-Any recommendations or special services

-Was employee courteous and engaging?

-Would you recommend this shop to family and friends?

5). You have now completed your assignment. Do not trust your photographic memory! Drive out of sight, pull your assignment sheet and write down as much as you can remember. Be sure to write down names of employee that helped you. Staple your receipts to the sheet. You are now ready for you next shop. That wasn't too bad, and guess what you are getting paid.

6).The Report:
Schedule a time to write your report that same evening. Your report should be a breeze if you took the time for the write up after the shop. It should be objective, without the interjection of any personal thoughts and ideas. Use plain English, good grammar and be sure to spell check.

This is my personal list that I follow to successfully complete my shopping.  I am sure you also have pointers that you would like to add to this list so let me hear your comments.  My success experiences of being a Mystery Shopper is made possible by my involvement with PSP.  Their membership has been my most  valuable resources. You can check them out here!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Uncloak The Mystery Shopper- Find The Homeshoring Job Option

Business Owners need to fully evaluate how their business is perceived by customers. They are willing to pay handsomely to get an independent, objective and confidential opinion. This has opened the door of opportunity for the homeshoring agent to also work as a Mystery Shopper. The goal of the mystery shopper is to provide quality control feedback to companies, or to judge competitors’ products and or services. By working as a mystery shopper you are providing these business owners and managers a valuable service - A detail report of your visit. The report provided by the mystery shopper allows them to make the necessary changes to impact their bottom line.

Owners and managers are aware that word of mouth supersedes most forms of advertisement. It can give the ultimate advantage over any competitor. Since customer satisfaction is so vital to the continued success of the business there is a shortage of efficient mystery shoppers. This is good news for anyone who is in or aspiring to enter the homeshoring arena. If you have a homeshoring business this can certainly be an option for an additional source of income. As a homeshoring agent, you have flexibility with your time. Why not consider a work around and fit in a mystery shopper assignment? This could be a good source of income to fill in the gap during your slow periods?

So what exactly is the role of a Mystery Shopper?

I am so glad you ask that question. Understanding your role as a Mystery Shopper is paramount to your success in this field. As a Mystery Shopper you are a homeshoring or telecommuting contractor who either visits or telephone targeted companies with a specific list of questions. Primarily your function is to use your keen observation and communication skills to evaluate the shop through the eyes of a regular guest. Finally, you provide feedback in the form of a written detailed, objective explanation of your experience.

A Mystery Shopper Shops.

What are the Perks?
  • This is a recession proof business, so it is not economy driven.
  • If you love to shop you get to do something you love to do and get paid to do it.
  • When you make purchases you sometimes get to keep them and are reimbursed. It is possible to get an assignment to purchase some high-end item you get to keep.
  • Like fine dining? It is possible to get an assignment to dine at a fine restaurant for free.
  • How about getting paid to travel, take a vacation or a weekend at a hotel or resort with your family? You got it! It’s all in the name of working and it’s FREE!
If the world of the Mystery Shopper seems intriguing then PSP is a valuable resource center to explore your options. I have also listed some companies below that I have worked for with tremendous success.

Gap Buster Worldwide http://www.xec.gapbuster.com/
National Shopping Service http://www.nationalshoppingservice.com/

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can I Establish A Business Credit File For My Homeshoring Company?

Yes you can! Creating a business credit file for your homeshoring company is more achievable than you ever imagined. I am sure your first thought is “this is probably a very difficult goal to accomplish”. Establishing your business credit file will take some work on your part but let me assure you that it is a lot easier than you think. It is very feasible to establish a business credit file for your homeshoring business.

Corporations are separate legal entities having their own privileges and liabilities distinct from those of its members. For taxes and credit purposes corporations are treated as individuals. When your homeshoring company is registered as a Corporation or Limited Liability Company you are protected from all personal liabilities. As a business owner you have the unique opportunity to have a separate business credit file and a personal credit file. The two files will never commingle.
Dunn and Bradstreet and Experian Business are the two major business credit reporting agencies. Most businesses are assigned a paydex score based on their trade lines. For a new business a padex score of 75-80 is regarded as positive credit rating. My suggestion is that before you start applying for corporate credit, your paydex score should be 80 or above. Keep in mind creditors are not required to send information to the business credit bureaus. They do so voluntarily, so if a creditor is not reporting just ask them to do so.
To start the process of establishing a business credit file your homeshoring company has to be registered under the correct organizational business structure and have all the following documentation:

  • Business Plan and Financial Statement
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Business Licenses including all Permits allowing you to do business in your area
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Dedicated Business Telephone Line - has to be listed under legal name with 411
  • Your Dun and Bradstreet number – 9 digit number used to verify credit history
  • A Corporate Checking Account
Now that you have all your documentation in place you can start applying to companies that are willing to establish business credit without using your personal credit file. These companies should also be willing to report to the major credit reporting agencies. A good starting point is with companies like Staples, Office Depot, Home Depot, Target and Gas Cards companies. If you have excellent personal credit you may want to consider applying for an unsecured American Express and or Business Credit Card. Before starting your quest for corporate credit the business credit reporting data base should reflect at least 5 trade lines and 3 credit cards.

Still not able to find that dream homeshoring opportunity? Then take a look at An Inside Job explore all available options.  You can check it out here!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


One of the biggest decisions you have probably made in your lifetime is choosing your career path. Choosing a new career is normally a culmination of dreams, talents, and abilities and a homeshoring career is no exception. This is something to which you generally give a lot of thought and consideration. Here is the biggest question you have to struggle with to make that final decision. Can the benefits of working from home offset the opportunity cost of sacrificing salary and taking a job beneath your skill?

Making the decision to transfer to a work from home position, and to later discover that the career path you have chosen is lacking in opportunities can be very discouraging. Many positions may seem a little too general for your background, especially the pervasive customer service and call center positions that are wildly spreading across the web.

How do you go about choosing a work from home career?
For some people it is a breeze. Professionals such as accountants, nurses, programmers, teachers, and other specialists have to go no further than online to find many homeshoring opportunities. If you are interested in finding out what your industry has available, do a search on Monster or Google with the phrase “home based”, “work from home”, “homeshoring” or “telecommute” to get a feel of what your industry has to offer. If the search turns up empty then it's time to look for other career options. Homeshoring as a Virtual assistant, freelancing, or answering the phone for fortune 500 companies are viable options you may want to consider.

Is it worth changing fields and taking a salary cut?
This will depend on the changes in your family and lifestyle. Weigh the pros and cons equally. You won't have to buy new work clothes every season. Your gas costs will be whatever you choose for them to be, and your commute time? Nil If you have a dream you want to pursue, you can start to build on it slowly in the time and money you save. If you want to spend more time on family goals, homeshoring will allow you can do that too.

Many people work from home in fields they never thought they would enjoy, and get much more than they thought possible. Job security, decent salaries, benefits, discounts on catalogs, and the rewards of having a job well are some of the perks of homeshoring. Most women working from home today are moms and grand-moms, with -education and experience in the regular workforce who simply need a life changing experience. Let's face it mothers would rather spend more time with their children rather than staring on photo of their children photo in a cubicle. It is no surprise that 9-5 moms find Work from home positions appealing. They can now choose a better future in life for themselves and their families, while maintaining the balance of career and family

Choosing a work from home career is a big decision, so do it with care, but do it with excitement as well. To explore all your available options for a work from home position the eBook An Inside Job is an excellent resource guide. You can Check it out here!  Today you could be starting a new phase of your life and it could be the best part ever!
Good Luck!

Monday, June 14, 2010


In December of 2009 President Obama hosted the Jobs and Economic Growth forum on the grounds of the White House. This forum was attended by about 130 small business owners from all different areas of the job sector. The focus was a discussion on job creation and expanding the economy. During the session the President recognized the CEO of Arise Virtual Solutions, Angie Seldon. Her company has been the trail blazer of the Homeshoring Industry, and is the world’s leading provider of virtual agent business services. Here is a synopsis of Angie’s contribution to the forum:

“Facing the steepest revenue growth challenges in three generations, the Fortune 500 companies are seeking to boost their margins by expanding their outsourced workforce. As companies learn about the unique mix of cost savings and high quality service that the homeshoring model delivers, they see that lowering expenses and hiring Americans are no longer mutually exclusive goals. It was an honor to participate in the forum, and I’d like to thank President Obama and Chief Technology Officer Chopra for bringing homeshoring into the national conversation.”

Angie credited her company for creating thousands of call and sales jobs, bringing jobs back to the United States that have gone overseas in the last several years. She also stated that she had some very specific ideas about how we could foster more of this reverse job migration. The President promised to take a look at the homeshoring model.

Since the job forum two legislation, (one in the House and one in the Senate) were proposed in support of Homeshoring or as the government prefer to call it teleworking. The House Bill proposal would give Federal Workers the option to work from home. Last month however, the bill was defeated in the House….It fell short by 9 votes.

The argument opposing the bill is that it will cost the government 30 million dollars to implement. Advocates of the bill however made arguments that over time homeshoring will save tax payers over 30 million dollars. Here are some of the points that were cited in the support of the homeshoring bill:
- Reduced carbon emissions
- Improve Traffic emissions
- Maintain government operation when the downtown area is under grid lock
- Bolstering the Federal Workforce
Similar legislation awaits a vote in the Senate.
The proposal requires federal agencies to appoint telework managing officers to oversee new policies developed by each agency and the Office of Personnel Management. If employees’ jobs do not impact agency operations then they would be allowed to telework. The bills also prohibit workers who handle secure or classified materials or information or who perform tasks that cannot be performed remotely from teleworking.
According to the OPM of the 61 percent of federal workers who are eligible to telework only 5 percent do so regularly. John M. Berry, the agency's director, has devoted most of his tenure to convincing lawmakers and other skeptics that in order to retain and recruit potential federal hires telework options may be the answer.
There are plans in progress to reintroduce the homeshoring bill in the house in the near future.
Do you think the Federal Government should take this path? What are your thoughts? If you are interested in learning more about Legitimate Homeshoring jobs the eBook an inside job is a valuable information guide.  You can check it out here!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Virtual Agent Working From Home - A 7 Step Survival Guide

The Success Guide  List                              
               1). Choosing Your Hours:                            
Most companies will allow posting hours in ½ hour increments. In the beginning if you can, try breaking up your time in 2 hour increments then taking a break for 1/2 hour to an hour. Trust me on this. Your day will seem to go by a lot faster and you will have a more productive day.

2). Dealing With Family Interruptions:
Educate immediate family members of the importance of your "do not disturb" notice during work time. Post a copy of schedule in a mutual place for family members, and advise them of the times you will be available for socializing. It is difficult for them to wrap their heads around the fact that you just happen to have a work from home job . Be patient. Give them time to adjust. When they come around they will be your biggest supporters. The ringing of the door bell can be very annoying and distracting when you are on a call. If feasible post a "do not ring" note for your mail man. Set a special time for making and returning calls and stick to the program.

3). Your Resource Guide:

When in training make your notes so structured that you find key information at your finger tips. This will be your main resource guide. Make a list of frequently asked questions and answers and bookmark page in your notebook. Better yet, post them on a wall or on the sides of your computer. This will improve efficiency making you more productive
Make a cheat sheet to include any scripts that you have to say verbatim and structure it so that you control the flow of the call. Post-it is great for writing “must know information”. Use the sides and bottom of your computer to post them so that they are at your finger tips.

4). Balance Your Social Life:

As a Virtual Agent working from home can be lonesome. Without the office environment some agents may suffer isolation from no longer having that level of office interaction. To alleviate this, join forum groups on line with similar interests. Connect with work at home agents in your area and schedule regular meeting for brunch or lunch to discuss issues and share professional ideas.

5). Keeping Healthy:

When making your schedule always factor in regular times for an exercise routine. If you do not have a home gym considering joining one in your community. What works for me is stretching exercises that target the neck,shoulders and abs. These exercises are very effective,and can be done right from your chair in between calls. They are very relaxing and help to relieve stress. If you have to eat in between meals choose snack foods wisely, your waistline and abs will thankful.
6). Appropriate Working Attire:

Most work from home agents will tend to agree that the best advantage of working from home is to go to work in one’s pjs. I prefer to get dressed. For me it makes me ready mind, body and soul and increases productivity. Please understand that this is what works for me. My suggestion is for you to have an open mind and try both to see what feels comfortable.

7). Want A Smile In Your Voice?

I am sure you have heard the saying "Put a smile in your voice" Have you ever wondered why so much emphasis is placed on this matrix? Remember you do not deal with your customers face to face. It is more difficult to make your smile come through especially when you are feeling frustrated. When you are on the phone, customers can pick this up so easily and will walk away with the wrong impression. This is how I have done it and you can to it too.
When you are working always have a mirror in a position where you can always see your reflection. You will know when the smile is gone from your voice when your reflection is not smiling back at you. So just keep smiling.

As a VIRTUAL AGENT you are always looking for new clients so that you can increase your earning potentials. You can see all other options for the best homeshoring job available by taking a look at the eBook An Inside Job.  You can check it out Here!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How to Survive As A Virtual Assistant Agent

Congratulations! You have done it! You are now your own boss working from the comfort of your own home. Now that you have taken the plunge to become a virtual agent I can hear you asking yourself these questions: Do I have what it takes to make this work? What tools am I missing to be successful? Where do I get these tools? Don't panic! You have the tools. In fact you have been preparing your self and gaining job related experience with every job you ever did. Your commitment is to now harvest all these skills and good work ethics and transfer them over to your new business.

All successful business owners have these three threads in common that scream success. They have to be optimistic, determined and creative. Optimism and determination will help them put things in perspective and to reaffirm that they are going to succeed in whatever project they are tackling. In addition the business owner has to be focused, disciplined and adaptable with excellent time management skills and most importantly have the right mindset. (Always keep in mind that the rate of failure for small businesses is a very high. Refuse to be part of that statistics).

As a business owner your success will be measured by the financial worth of your company. This goal can become achievable by being focused and by factoring in discipline, adaptability, and time management skills. Developing the right work ethics is also of paramount importance and may be the key to the success of your work at home business.

The Virtual Agent has to learn to make a quick transition from a brick and mortar office and the 9-5 job. This can be a challenging endeavor. No longer do you have the luxury of having a supervisor to direct and address issues, to schedule your lunches and breaks or peers to throw out the life line of support. You are on your own. You now have to make all the decisions. Go ahead! You have come this far. You can do it! Dig deep inside and channel those latent job proficiency skills that you used in all your other jobs to the surface. Challenge yourself to be self-motivated, self-reliant and self-confident. Enhance your customer service and problem-solving skills. Heighten your ability to deal with irate customers and soon you will master job proficiency.
View my tips for surviving in the work at home job arena. These are tips that I have been using for the last three years. You can use what works for you, delete what doesn’t to come up with your own workable guidelines. To find out what virtual assistants jobs are available you can browse through the little eBook An Inside Job at your leisure.

How Do I Test The Waters As A Virtual Assistant?

The truth is that at some point or another we all have that burning desire to go out on our own –steer away from our current occupations – and start a new career path as a solo professional in our field of specialization. But why don’t we? What is holding so many of us back from going out and doing what it is that we want to do with our lives?

Why do we allow ourselves to be tied to our employer as if we're tied into our cubicle with invisible wires? What skills do we really need in order to finally break free from the nine to five life and start out on our own as a virtual assistant? Ask yourself all of these questions before you even think about quitting your current occupation in pursuit of the dream of pursuing any type of solo job.

Each and every year, far too many people believe that they can simply quit their current occupation and pursue a career as a virtual assistant, freelancer, or start their own businesses. Far too many of them fail, only to be forced back into the nine to five world with a sense of disappointment and hopelessness. They have given up on their dream. This isn't meant to happen to you, so you must be prepared before you branch out. When this happens it happens for one reason and one reason only – the person who wanted to pursue his or her dreams had no idea what to expect.

As a new entrepreneur your focus is on the pros of having your own business- free to have as many days off as needed, the joy of retaining all of the profits from the work you have accomplished. However, the truth of the matter is to be successful it takes a lot of working long and hard hours to meet deadlines, manage your finances, putting in place a good retirement plan, setting up a medical insurance and competing with thousands of others for the same jobs.

Before beginning any ventures in the world of the solo professional, know that it is not all fun and games. A lot of serious thought must go into your actions if you are going to be successful. Are you ready to put planning into your efforts? Are you willing to start our slow by moonlight, so that you will be able to continue to live in the manner to which your are accustomed?

Whatever you do, the answer is not quit your current job right now. You will not have a livable source of income for several months while you search for well paying gigs. Quitting your job will come in due time, but only after you have managed to net a few solid contracts and references.

The first step of your new life as a virtual assistant should be to log onto your computer, open your web browser to Google, and start the search for work at home jobs . Sounds easy, right? Use specific keywords that describe what your skills are – the types of projects you can actually accomplish. After a few hours of research you will wind up with a massive database of different websites that cater to the solo community in your specific field. These are the websites you'll want to scour, learn to work with, and set up profiles so that you can begin exploring contracts and building relationships in the freelance community.

There are also many other places on the web to subcontract with other virtual assistants to gain experience and work, however, there are far too many to list in this article. It is highly suggested that you look at other Virtual Assistants websites to see what they offer. Research how they market themselves to get ideas on how to start your own advertising to grow your own business portfolio. The eBook An Inside Job is a valuable resource if you would like to explore additional homeshoring options.  Check it out here!