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The Review Is In- Watch The Video

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Home Based Business Profiled By Diane Sawyer On Good Morning America

"Homeshoring" simply means the practice of employers hiring home based customer service agents. Diane Sawyer profiled this employment trend on Good Morning America. Businesses used to outsource their work to far-flung countries. Then they received complaints from their customers.

It seems these customers preferred speaking with agents they could understand. Not so easy when their calls for help were answered by an agent whose first language was not English!
So companies decided to bring the call center jobs back home. Where they belong. Even better, they are eager to hire employees who want to work at home. And who wouldn't want the benefits of a work at home opportunity? Where you know you'll be getting a regular paycheck! Unlike many home based businesses where you have to grow and nurture your business until you get to see any profits.

Benefits Of Being A Home Based Agent

1. No on gas and car maintenance 2. No office politics 3. Flexible hours 4. No money spent on work wardrobe and lunches 5. Tax deductions for being home based business
The benefits are plentiful. For both the employer and the employee. This is a wonderful work at home opportunity for the stay at home mom, the physically disabled, retired people, students and anyone who wants to get on a different career path. Unemployment never has to be a worry for you now or in the future.

What companies are hiring home based agents?

The list is long and keeps on growing as others hear of the successes of big and small business who are into homeshoring. Airline companies like Jet Blue, Continental and American airlines. In fact, it was Jet Blue who was an early supporter of this practice. They employed home based reservation agents right from the start.
Hotel chains like Outrigger Hotels, Marriot Global Reservations and Fairmont Hotels & Resorts were not far behind. Other companies like J. Crew, Sears Holdings, Victoria's Secret, Staples and General Electric continue to hire home based agents. Any company that relies heavily on telephone orders is a potential employer.

Why The Employers Are Happy With Home Based Agents

1. Improved efficiency 2. Reduced cost of office space 3. Less workers quitting 4. Reduces hiring and training expenses 5. Better customer service

These businesses are especially happy because homeshoring attracts more mature and better educated agents than the traditional call centers. 70-80% of these home based agents are college-educated. Working at home makes for better employees. Revenues go up when agents are happy.

They are also more motivated than their conventional counterparts. Like the Phoenix father of two who needed a second job. He now works 15 hours on the weekend for American Automobile Association. He's thrilled with the commute down the hall!
No doubt about it. Homeshoring is growing steadily and home based workers are in high demand. A home based business with all of these benefits. Who wouldn't like it?

(c) Karen Cook

About the Author
To view the Good Morning America video clips and learn more about this exploding work at home opportunity, come over to Karen Cook works in a Public Library where she loves researching home based businesses.

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Where Can I Find Retiree Jobs?

Are you searching for retiree jobs? Do you want to climb out of the swamp that is the present day economy?

Many observers report that the recession that has hammered us all for the last couple of years is showing some signs of recovery.
That may or may not be overly optimistic, because that portion of the economy called employment is still surviving on constant injections of governmental aid.
The problem is that very little seems to be helping.

How are you faring in the tumult of the current financial crisis grinding away at the world?
Many senior citizens are hunkering down and making do with Social Security, pensions and their savings.

Unemployment levels have steamed past ten percent recently! Many economists tell us that this workless number will be the reigning state of the job market for several more years.
But I am here to shout at you to stop it! Lets not pull a Rip Van Winkle and try to sleep through the next couple of years.

The world is still a great place to live in! Besides, it is all we have! Many senior citizens are taking advantage of their past years of living experience and roaring on to an exciting tomorrow.
Have you looked around at the evolving climate in the employment market? It is shifting my fellow seniors.
The playing field has become more level than it has been in recent memory for seniors and most retirees.

Think about that ten percent unemployment number. Unlike previous recessions, most of those jobs have disappeared like smoke through a keyhole.
They are never coming back. Many of those jobs are not just vacant, they have been erased like chalk marks on a blackboard and will never exist again.
Multitudes of the presently unemployed will have to retrain themselves to qualify for the ever changing new business environments.

A few months ago, the government agency that keeps track of such things informed us of a dismal statistic.
They revealed that the average unemployment duration for each person terminated passed six months for the first time since 1948.
Many seniors remember those years after World War 2. We tightened our belts and went to work carving out new job paths to make a living.

It is time to start carving again! Only now, we seniors are way ahead of the game and the learning curve.
The over fifty crowd has all the living and job experience accumulated through decades of learning and application.

If you are a senior citizen, then it is time to catalogue all that you have locked away in your memory.
There are a lot of jobs in the business marketplace now that are tailor made for you and your skills and experience.
Here is a very valuable piece of information! Many of the employment opportunities that abound in the market today, are not even advertised beyond word of mouth.

How can this help you? You have to take three steps!

1.Determine the job you want.

2.Select the employers you want to work for.

3.Compose a simple verbal and written presentation of your capabilities.

The golden opportunities exist, you are the person, and the time is now.
Go for it!

Raymond Angus is the widely read author of He writes for fellow seniors and how they can find employment. Do you want to know where the senior jobs are? Click on and select employment.

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A 4Step Plan To Having A Functional Virtual Office

1. Home Office Set Up Essentials:

There are many challenges one faces when setting up your virtual home office. This is true whether the office is for a small or large business. Whatever the case cultivate the mind-set that “this is my business” and pretend that this is an office in the ritzy part of town and then make it work. When you are choosing your furnishings think along the lines of functionality and comfort. Remember, functionality and comfort equal productivity and the more productive you are the more your financial rewards. Your space should reflect who you are. Decorate your office so that when you are at work it is not a chore but a delightful experience.

2. The Set-Up Phase

-It is absolutely important that your space is free of all background noises. Telephones are very
sensitive they pick up on background noise. The last thing you want is for your customer, to get the feeling that you are working from home. If your clients can hear children crying in the background they will not take you seriously.

-Find a side of the house away from the general traffic and family room areas. This is especially important if you have children. To make your office noise level have a door that can be closed.

-Your Space should be well ventilated, lots of sunshine if feasible. Proper lighting is also essential if you have to work late.

-Take advantage of the scenery like a lake, waterfall or beautiful landscape when positioning your desk. Your working hours will seem to go by faster.

3. Start Planning Your Space

Invest some time into planning your space. Design the perfect work space and make it truly about you. You can choose between the T-shape, L-shape or U-shape plan that will work best for your home office. If on the other hand you have challenges with the size of the space you are working with then choose your furniture proportionate to your space. For extra storage consider installing some overhead shelves, or try choosing multi-functioning furniture. An example an ottoman with storage space can double as a seat.

4. Equipping Your Home Office- Check List

The type of home business will always dictate the office equipment needed. Here are the basics that all home offices need for start up:

-A Desk: Choose a desk that will be comfortable.

-Chair: Superior design and flexibility for the way you
work.  Your chair should be comfortable.  Remember this is

where you will be spending a lot of hours, so go ahead and splurge.
-Computer: 1 gig hard drive and about 2 gigs memory

-Printer: multifunction (prints, copies, faxes and scans )

-Telephone Line: A dedicated telephone without call waiting.
a second phone number for your fax. Add the
phone number to the do not call list.

-Head Set: 2 sets needed. A regular head set for computer
based interactive training and a VOIP (Voice Over
Internet Protocol) your hands free telephone.

-Internet Connection : Have an alternate just in case one goes down

-Miscellaneous: Battery back up pack, filing and storage cabinets,
office supplies, dedicated email address, microsoft

Still looking for additional ideas? is an excellent place of reference.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Your Virtual Corporation – 4 Easy Steps To Set-UP

So you have done the research, found this great company you would like to work for, so now what comes next? If you have decided to accept employment as an employee, working from home then you just have to wait for the company to schedule training. If however, you decide to take the route as an independent contractor you will need to set up a virtual service corporation for your business.

Here Is Your Business Start Up Checklist:

1. Select a Name and Legal Structure: If feasible try to select a name to reflect the kind business you will be operating.
When selecting a legal business entity you have 4 choices.
· Sole Proprietorship, is also known as a “DBA”, “Doing Business As” or “Fictitious Name”.
· Partnership
· Limited Liability Company (LLC)
· Corporation or S-Corporation (I have found from my own experience that Limited Liability Corporation is best suited for the virtual home based-business). The reason being, the LLC is easy to manage, profits and losses are added to the owner’s personal tax returns and it still gives the liability and protection of a Corporation. However, before you decide on an entity consult with your accountant.

2. Get Your Federal Employer Identification Number

Your Federal Employer Identification Number is to your business as your social security number is you. A corporation, being a separate entity, can establish a new and separate credit file that is distinct from your personal credit file.
If you choose to setup your new business as a Corporation, LLC or Partnership (or a sole proprietorship with employees), apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) from the Internal Revenue Service. A FEIN will be necessary to open a business bank account.
You can apply for your FEIN over the phone by calling 1-800-829-4933.

3. Open Your Business Checking Account

Your business funds should be managed separately from your personal funds. You now have your business name, your corporation paper and FEIN so you are ready to open your business checking account.

Keep in mind service charges differ from bank to bank. Check all your local banks and compare to get the best pricing. Some banks may offer no deposit, no minimum balance and free service charges for selected time frame.

4. The Business License

The purpose of a local business license is to authorize your company to do business in your particular city or county limits. Most Cities or Counties require you to obtain a business license, even if you operate a home-based business. Before you leave home just call the city or county to verify exactly where to go to obtain your license.

If you are still undecided on a choice of  homeshoring a job opportunity and would welcome some ideas these e Books are  resource with a wealth of information.  An Inside Job and Free Lance at Home as a Virtual Assistant.  You can check then out by pressing the links above.  
Good Luck! You have now taken the first step in becoming a proud business owner.

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Stay at Home Mom Looking For Work at Home Opportunities

A stay at home mom was traditionally a mother whose job was to stay at home and care for the family. Housekeeping and bringing up kids were recognized to be a full time job. A mother's place was in the home. The father would be the sole breadwinner and the family would be able to live comfortably on one income.
In those (not so long ago) days the stay at home mom might look for part time work she could do from home if she found she had time on her hands. Any extra income she brought into the home would be used to treat the family to extra luxuries.

Nowadays things have changed dramatically and stay at home moms are not looking for work to do from home to pay for treats. They are looking for home jobs because the family needs a second income to keep up with the cost of everyday items.

In today's world, few ordinary families can survive on a single income. The choice many mothers face is to go out to work or see her family go without. The pressure to provide additional income causes many mothers to look for work they can perform at home.

In addition to the extra income, there are many advantages for mothers who work at home. The first big advantage is being able to stay home to take care of the family. Some other advantages are:

Saving on expenses. Work at home moms don't have to spend extra cash on buying a special wardrobe of clothes for work. They also save the cost of commuting and the cost of day care places for the children.

Shorter working hours. A mom with a home based job doesn't have to waste time on getting dressed up for work at the office or shop. No time is wasted on commuting between home and work every day.

Some women who want to work at home are lucky enough to have the sort of job they can transfer to a work from home basis. This is ideal for many kinds of virtual assistance posts. Women with a customer services background have a distinct advantage in the home based job market.

Mothers working at home at a familiar job for an existing employer have the extra advantage of not needing training. A new mother would struggle to find time for training. Just attending to a new baby's needs can swallow up the whole day. If she can turn her existing employment into a home based job, the change can be virtually seamless; this will obviously benefit the employer as well as the employee.

Negotiating the transfer of an existing job to a home based job is probably the easiest way for a stay at home mom to find work at home. Unfortunately, there are many jobs that would be impossible to do from home. Also, there are many employers who would not be prepared to take part in a work at home arrangement with existing employees. This means many moms (and moms-to-be) will have to rely on their own initiative to find ways to make money at home.

Are you a mom looking for work? Visit the free "Top 30" Work at Home Directory and check out the best opportunities to work at home.

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