Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Home Based Business Profiled By Diane Sawyer On Good Morning America

"Homeshoring" simply means the practice of employers hiring home based customer service agents. Diane Sawyer profiled this employment trend on Good Morning America. Businesses used to outsource their work to far-flung countries. Then they received complaints from their customers.

It seems these customers preferred speaking with agents they could understand. Not so easy when their calls for help were answered by an agent whose first language was not English!
So companies decided to bring the call center jobs back home. Where they belong. Even better, they are eager to hire employees who want to work at home. And who wouldn't want the benefits of a work at home opportunity? Where you know you'll be getting a regular paycheck! Unlike many home based businesses where you have to grow and nurture your business until you get to see any profits.

Benefits Of Being A Home Based Agent

1. No commuting...save on gas and car maintenance 2. No office politics 3. Flexible hours 4. No money spent on work wardrobe and lunches 5. Tax deductions for being home based business
The benefits are plentiful. For both the employer and the employee. This is a wonderful work at home opportunity for the stay at home mom, the physically disabled, retired people, students and anyone who wants to get on a different career path. Unemployment never has to be a worry for you now or in the future.

What companies are hiring home based agents?

The list is long and keeps on growing as others hear of the successes of big and small business who are into homeshoring. Airline companies like Jet Blue, Continental and American airlines. In fact, it was Jet Blue who was an early supporter of this practice. They employed home based reservation agents right from the start.
Hotel chains like Outrigger Hotels, Marriot Global Reservations and Fairmont Hotels & Resorts were not far behind. Other companies like J. Crew, Sears Holdings, Victoria's Secret, Staples and General Electric continue to hire home based agents. Any company that relies heavily on telephone orders is a potential employer.

Why The Employers Are Happy With Home Based Agents

1. Improved efficiency 2. Reduced cost of office space 3. Less workers quitting 4. Reduces hiring and training expenses 5. Better customer service

These businesses are especially happy because homeshoring attracts more mature and better educated agents than the traditional call centers. 70-80% of these home based agents are college-educated. Working at home makes for better employees. Revenues go up when agents are happy.

They are also more motivated than their conventional counterparts. Like the Phoenix father of two who needed a second job. He now works 15 hours on the weekend for American Automobile Association. He's thrilled with the commute down the hall!
No doubt about it. Homeshoring is growing steadily and home based workers are in high demand. A home based business with all of these benefits. Who wouldn't like it?

(c) Karen Cook

About the Author
To view the Good Morning America video clips and learn more about this exploding work at home opportunity, come over to http://virtualagent007.blogspot.com Karen Cook works in a Public Library where she loves researching home based businesses.

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