Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stay at Home Mom Looking For Work at Home Opportunities

A stay at home mom was traditionally a mother whose job was to stay at home and care for the family. Housekeeping and bringing up kids were recognized to be a full time job. A mother's place was in the home. The father would be the sole breadwinner and the family would be able to live comfortably on one income.
In those (not so long ago) days the stay at home mom might look for part time work she could do from home if she found she had time on her hands. Any extra income she brought into the home would be used to treat the family to extra luxuries.

Nowadays things have changed dramatically and stay at home moms are not looking for work to do from home to pay for treats. They are looking for home jobs because the family needs a second income to keep up with the cost of everyday items.

In today's world, few ordinary families can survive on a single income. The choice many mothers face is to go out to work or see her family go without. The pressure to provide additional income causes many mothers to look for work they can perform at home.

In addition to the extra income, there are many advantages for mothers who work at home. The first big advantage is being able to stay home to take care of the family. Some other advantages are:

Saving on expenses. Work at home moms don't have to spend extra cash on buying a special wardrobe of clothes for work. They also save the cost of commuting and the cost of day care places for the children.

Shorter working hours. A mom with a home based job doesn't have to waste time on getting dressed up for work at the office or shop. No time is wasted on commuting between home and work every day.

Some women who want to work at home are lucky enough to have the sort of job they can transfer to a work from home basis. This is ideal for many kinds of virtual assistance posts. Women with a customer services background have a distinct advantage in the home based job market.

Mothers working at home at a familiar job for an existing employer have the extra advantage of not needing training. A new mother would struggle to find time for training. Just attending to a new baby's needs can swallow up the whole day. If she can turn her existing employment into a home based job, the change can be virtually seamless; this will obviously benefit the employer as well as the employee.

Negotiating the transfer of an existing job to a home based job is probably the easiest way for a stay at home mom to find work at home. Unfortunately, there are many jobs that would be impossible to do from home. Also, there are many employers who would not be prepared to take part in a work at home arrangement with existing employees. This means many moms (and moms-to-be) will have to rely on their own initiative to find ways to make money at home.

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