Saturday, May 15, 2010

A 4Step Plan To Having A Functional Virtual Office

1. Home Office Set Up Essentials:

There are many challenges one faces when setting up your virtual home office. This is true whether the office is for a small or large business. Whatever the case cultivate the mind-set that “this is my business” and pretend that this is an office in the ritzy part of town and then make it work. When you are choosing your furnishings think along the lines of functionality and comfort. Remember, functionality and comfort equal productivity and the more productive you are the more your financial rewards. Your space should reflect who you are. Decorate your office so that when you are at work it is not a chore but a delightful experience.

2. The Set-Up Phase

-It is absolutely important that your space is free of all background noises. Telephones are very
sensitive they pick up on background noise. The last thing you want is for your customer, to get the feeling that you are working from home. If your clients can hear children crying in the background they will not take you seriously.

-Find a side of the house away from the general traffic and family room areas. This is especially important if you have children. To make your office noise level have a door that can be closed.

-Your Space should be well ventilated, lots of sunshine if feasible. Proper lighting is also essential if you have to work late.

-Take advantage of the scenery like a lake, waterfall or beautiful landscape when positioning your desk. Your working hours will seem to go by faster.

3. Start Planning Your Space

Invest some time into planning your space. Design the perfect work space and make it truly about you. You can choose between the T-shape, L-shape or U-shape plan that will work best for your home office. If on the other hand you have challenges with the size of the space you are working with then choose your furniture proportionate to your space. For extra storage consider installing some overhead shelves, or try choosing multi-functioning furniture. An example an ottoman with storage space can double as a seat.

4. Equipping Your Home Office- Check List

The type of home business will always dictate the office equipment needed. Here are the basics that all home offices need for start up:

-A Desk: Choose a desk that will be comfortable.

-Chair: Superior design and flexibility for the way you
work.  Your chair should be comfortable.  Remember this is

where you will be spending a lot of hours, so go ahead and splurge.
-Computer: 1 gig hard drive and about 2 gigs memory

-Printer: multifunction (prints, copies, faxes and scans )

-Telephone Line: A dedicated telephone without call waiting.
a second phone number for your fax. Add the
phone number to the do not call list.

-Head Set: 2 sets needed. A regular head set for computer
based interactive training and a VOIP (Voice Over
Internet Protocol) your hands free telephone.

-Internet Connection : Have an alternate just in case one goes down

-Miscellaneous: Battery back up pack, filing and storage cabinets,
office supplies, dedicated email address, microsoft

Still looking for additional ideas? is an excellent place of reference.

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