Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Uncloak The Mystery Shopper- Find The Homeshoring Job Option

Business Owners need to fully evaluate how their business is perceived by customers. They are willing to pay handsomely to get an independent, objective and confidential opinion. This has opened the door of opportunity for the homeshoring agent to also work as a Mystery Shopper. The goal of the mystery shopper is to provide quality control feedback to companies, or to judge competitors’ products and or services. By working as a mystery shopper you are providing these business owners and managers a valuable service - A detail report of your visit. The report provided by the mystery shopper allows them to make the necessary changes to impact their bottom line.

Owners and managers are aware that word of mouth supersedes most forms of advertisement. It can give the ultimate advantage over any competitor. Since customer satisfaction is so vital to the continued success of the business there is a shortage of efficient mystery shoppers. This is good news for anyone who is in or aspiring to enter the homeshoring arena. If you have a homeshoring business this can certainly be an option for an additional source of income. As a homeshoring agent, you have flexibility with your time. Why not consider a work around and fit in a mystery shopper assignment? This could be a good source of income to fill in the gap during your slow periods?

So what exactly is the role of a Mystery Shopper?

I am so glad you ask that question. Understanding your role as a Mystery Shopper is paramount to your success in this field. As a Mystery Shopper you are a homeshoring or telecommuting contractor who either visits or telephone targeted companies with a specific list of questions. Primarily your function is to use your keen observation and communication skills to evaluate the shop through the eyes of a regular guest. Finally, you provide feedback in the form of a written detailed, objective explanation of your experience.

A Mystery Shopper Shops.

What are the Perks?
  • This is a recession proof business, so it is not economy driven.
  • If you love to shop you get to do something you love to do and get paid to do it.
  • When you make purchases you sometimes get to keep them and are reimbursed. It is possible to get an assignment to purchase some high-end item you get to keep.
  • Like fine dining? It is possible to get an assignment to dine at a fine restaurant for free.
  • How about getting paid to travel, take a vacation or a weekend at a hotel or resort with your family? You got it! It’s all in the name of working and it’s FREE!
If the world of the Mystery Shopper seems intriguing then PSP is a valuable resource center to explore your options. I have also listed some companies below that I have worked for with tremendous success.

Gap Buster Worldwide
National Shopping Service

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