Saturday, December 11, 2010


Have you ever imagined making a living working as a Super Mystery Shopper? That is not possible I hear the skeptic in you shouting, it is not real! The neon light with the word SCAM starts flashing in your mind and then you dismiss the thought. Let me assure that this is very possible. However, to get to this plateau, you have to be top in you field with the best approval ratings of the top contractors in the business.

Working as a Super Mystery Shopper or as some prefer to be called a Super Secret Shopper can be fun, exciting and rewarding. However, being a Super mystery shopper is not for everyone. The basic job requirements are excellent memory, to be very observant with a special eye for paying attention to details. Having these basics skills coupled with a workable plan will pave the path to becoming a Super Mmystery Shopper.

Here is the Super Mystery Shopper Plan I follow to complete my assignment.             

1). Preparing For The Assignment:
-Chose assignment in batches and in proximity that allows to navigate easily from one location to the next.
-To ensure maximum efficiency, print out all daily assignments.
-Re-read- make sure you understand exactly what is expected of you.
-Pay special attention to shopping time frames. Make appointments required prior to the assignment.
-To save time arrange daily assignment sheets in the order the assignments are to be done.

2). On Location:
-While in the parking lot pay special attention to your surroundings.
-Make mental notes of neighboring businesses, land marks, significant points of interest.
-Pay close attention to signs on buildings, cleanliness of parking lot, landscaping and outward appearance of shop.
3). The Shopping Experience:
Once inside the store make the shopping experience as natural and normal as possible. Blend in with the other customers while making your purchase. Remember that an effective Mystery Shopper is woven from the fabric of anonymity. Do not remove your mask and blow your identity. Do not take notes. Dead give away. Draw on your ability to be observant and to pay special attention to details.

4).While shopping make mental notes of the following:
-Whether or not there is a line, the wait time, and how long did it take to be acknowledged.
-General appearance inside.                                           
-Use of name and eye contact                                                                                                   
-Any recommendations or special services

-Was employee courteous and engaging?

-Would you recommend this shop to family and friends?

5). You have now completed your assignment. Do not trust your photographic memory! Drive out of sight, pull your assignment sheet and write down as much as you can remember. Be sure to write down names of employee that helped you. Staple your receipts to the sheet. You are now ready for you next shop. That wasn't too bad, and guess what you are getting paid.

6).The Report:
Schedule a time to write your report that same evening. Your report should be a breeze if you took the time for the write up after the shop. It should be objective, without the interjection of any personal thoughts and ideas. Use plain English, good grammar and be sure to spell check.

This is my personal list that I follow to successfully complete my shopping.  I am sure you also have pointers that you would like to add to this list so let me hear your comments.  My success experiences of being a Mystery Shopper is made possible by my involvement with PSP.  Their membership has been my most  valuable resources. You can check them out here!

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