Tuesday, July 27, 2010


One of the biggest decisions you have probably made in your lifetime is choosing your career path. Choosing a new career is normally a culmination of dreams, talents, and abilities and a homeshoring career is no exception. This is something to which you generally give a lot of thought and consideration. Here is the biggest question you have to struggle with to make that final decision. Can the benefits of working from home offset the opportunity cost of sacrificing salary and taking a job beneath your skill?

Making the decision to transfer to a work from home position, and to later discover that the career path you have chosen is lacking in opportunities can be very discouraging. Many positions may seem a little too general for your background, especially the pervasive customer service and call center positions that are wildly spreading across the web.

How do you go about choosing a work from home career?
For some people it is a breeze. Professionals such as accountants, nurses, programmers, teachers, and other specialists have to go no further than online to find many homeshoring opportunities. If you are interested in finding out what your industry has available, do a search on Monster or Google with the phrase “home based”, “work from home”, “homeshoring” or “telecommute” to get a feel of what your industry has to offer. If the search turns up empty then it's time to look for other career options. Homeshoring as a Virtual assistant, freelancing, or answering the phone for fortune 500 companies are viable options you may want to consider.

Is it worth changing fields and taking a salary cut?
This will depend on the changes in your family and lifestyle. Weigh the pros and cons equally. You won't have to buy new work clothes every season. Your gas costs will be whatever you choose for them to be, and your commute time? Nil If you have a dream you want to pursue, you can start to build on it slowly in the time and money you save. If you want to spend more time on family goals, homeshoring will allow you can do that too.

Many people work from home in fields they never thought they would enjoy, and get much more than they thought possible. Job security, decent salaries, benefits, discounts on catalogs, and the rewards of having a job well are some of the perks of homeshoring. Most women working from home today are moms and grand-moms, with -education and experience in the regular workforce who simply need a life changing experience. Let's face it mothers would rather spend more time with their children rather than staring on photo of their children photo in a cubicle. It is no surprise that 9-5 moms find Work from home positions appealing. They can now choose a better future in life for themselves and their families, while maintaining the balance of career and family

Choosing a work from home career is a big decision, so do it with care, but do it with excitement as well. To explore all your available options for a work from home position the eBook An Inside Job is an excellent resource guide. You can Check it out here!  Today you could be starting a new phase of your life and it could be the best part ever!
Good Luck!

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