Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How to Survive As A Virtual Assistant Agent

Congratulations! You have done it! You are now your own boss working from the comfort of your own home. Now that you have taken the plunge to become a virtual agent I can hear you asking yourself these questions: Do I have what it takes to make this work? What tools am I missing to be successful? Where do I get these tools? Don't panic! You have the tools. In fact you have been preparing your self and gaining job related experience with every job you ever did. Your commitment is to now harvest all these skills and good work ethics and transfer them over to your new business.

All successful business owners have these three threads in common that scream success. They have to be optimistic, determined and creative. Optimism and determination will help them put things in perspective and to reaffirm that they are going to succeed in whatever project they are tackling. In addition the business owner has to be focused, disciplined and adaptable with excellent time management skills and most importantly have the right mindset. (Always keep in mind that the rate of failure for small businesses is a very high. Refuse to be part of that statistics).

As a business owner your success will be measured by the financial worth of your company. This goal can become achievable by being focused and by factoring in discipline, adaptability, and time management skills. Developing the right work ethics is also of paramount importance and may be the key to the success of your work at home business.

The Virtual Agent has to learn to make a quick transition from a brick and mortar office and the 9-5 job. This can be a challenging endeavor. No longer do you have the luxury of having a supervisor to direct and address issues, to schedule your lunches and breaks or peers to throw out the life line of support. You are on your own. You now have to make all the decisions. Go ahead! You have come this far. You can do it! Dig deep inside and channel those latent job proficiency skills that you used in all your other jobs to the surface. Challenge yourself to be self-motivated, self-reliant and self-confident. Enhance your customer service and problem-solving skills. Heighten your ability to deal with irate customers and soon you will master job proficiency.
View my tips for surviving in the work at home job arena. These are tips that I have been using for the last three years. You can use what works for you, delete what doesn’t to come up with your own workable guidelines. To find out what virtual assistants jobs are available you can browse through the little eBook An Inside Job at your leisure.

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