Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Virtual Agent Working From Home - A 7 Step Survival Guide

The Success Guide  List                              
               1). Choosing Your Hours:                            
Most companies will allow posting hours in ½ hour increments. In the beginning if you can, try breaking up your time in 2 hour increments then taking a break for 1/2 hour to an hour. Trust me on this. Your day will seem to go by a lot faster and you will have a more productive day.

2). Dealing With Family Interruptions:
Educate immediate family members of the importance of your "do not disturb" notice during work time. Post a copy of schedule in a mutual place for family members, and advise them of the times you will be available for socializing. It is difficult for them to wrap their heads around the fact that you just happen to have a work from home job . Be patient. Give them time to adjust. When they come around they will be your biggest supporters. The ringing of the door bell can be very annoying and distracting when you are on a call. If feasible post a "do not ring" note for your mail man. Set a special time for making and returning calls and stick to the program.

3). Your Resource Guide:

When in training make your notes so structured that you find key information at your finger tips. This will be your main resource guide. Make a list of frequently asked questions and answers and bookmark page in your notebook. Better yet, post them on a wall or on the sides of your computer. This will improve efficiency making you more productive
Make a cheat sheet to include any scripts that you have to say verbatim and structure it so that you control the flow of the call. Post-it is great for writing “must know information”. Use the sides and bottom of your computer to post them so that they are at your finger tips.

4). Balance Your Social Life:

As a Virtual Agent working from home can be lonesome. Without the office environment some agents may suffer isolation from no longer having that level of office interaction. To alleviate this, join forum groups on line with similar interests. Connect with work at home agents in your area and schedule regular meeting for brunch or lunch to discuss issues and share professional ideas.

5). Keeping Healthy:

When making your schedule always factor in regular times for an exercise routine. If you do not have a home gym considering joining one in your community. What works for me is stretching exercises that target the neck,shoulders and abs. These exercises are very effective,and can be done right from your chair in between calls. They are very relaxing and help to relieve stress. If you have to eat in between meals choose snack foods wisely, your waistline and abs will thankful.
6). Appropriate Working Attire:

Most work from home agents will tend to agree that the best advantage of working from home is to go to work in one’s pjs. I prefer to get dressed. For me it makes me ready mind, body and soul and increases productivity. Please understand that this is what works for me. My suggestion is for you to have an open mind and try both to see what feels comfortable.

7). Want A Smile In Your Voice?

I am sure you have heard the saying "Put a smile in your voice" Have you ever wondered why so much emphasis is placed on this matrix? Remember you do not deal with your customers face to face. It is more difficult to make your smile come through especially when you are feeling frustrated. When you are on the phone, customers can pick this up so easily and will walk away with the wrong impression. This is how I have done it and you can to it too.
When you are working always have a mirror in a position where you can always see your reflection. You will know when the smile is gone from your voice when your reflection is not smiling back at you. So just keep smiling.

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