Friday, March 11, 2011

Virtual Assistant: Your Real Option in the Lucrative Homeshoring Career Path

 Finding legitimate homeshoring work at home jobs is much easier than you think Many employers are still hiring work at home agents.  So  Are you ready to use your homeshoring skills, set your wages, choose your hours and live up to your potentials?  Are your answer yes?  Then maybe it's time to learn the tricks of the trade in the exciting profession of the Virtual Assistant World.  

Homeshoring as a virtual assistant is now classified under "Emerging Technologies" as one of the top ten technological breakthrough for 2010.
Now is the right time for you to make this career and life-style changing decision.  If you are ready the 5 Key steps to your virtual assistant business will guide you to successfully set-up and run your own homeshoring business.You can start the process of finding a legitimate work from home job while working on the phone from the comfort of home for the evolving HOMESHORING INDUSTRY.

Homeshoring is a trend that continues to sweep the corporate world and captivate media attention. Companies like Arise, Alpine Access, LiveOps, and American Airlines,Jet Blue Airlines to name a few companies have hired thousands of home-based agents to man their phone lines. The truth is, they're far from alone - hundreds of employers have brought their call centers home to the U.S., literally.

You can take a step toward a new future as a HOMESHORING PROFESSIONAL at any time by perusing through the eBook store . Learn the right process to become a Homeshoring Professional, setting up your virtual call center while EXPERIENCE THE PRIDE OF SUCCESSFULLY running your own home base business from the comfort of your home.

Go ahead! Enjoy the luxury of making real money working from the comfort of your home, while being able to be there for your family. No longer will you be disappointed that you did not get the time off to be at little Johnny's first came and Mary's ballet recital. You are the CEO you choose your time and your hours, you make the decisions .

So What's Inside?                           ;              

A ton of information to find a true home-based virtual assistant job, and the information you need to nab it, for starters....                                

Over 30 profiles of employers that pay people like me and you to work from a home office answering the phone and working varying shifts and schedules, based on their needs - and yours

Positions profiled in this guide range from customer service to telemarketing - and everything in between. Included in the "in between" are unique jobs such as quit smoking coaches, public opinion pollers, newspaper delivery verifiers, and even remote drive-thru order takers! So even if customer service and telemarketing are not quite "your thing" - you're likely to find a telecommuting job that fits your desires.

Taking The "Work" Out OF Finding A "Working From Home" Job
  • Immediate access to more than 30 legitimate homeshoring companies that are hiring NOW!
  • Direct links to each companies employment process pages - to get you started ASAP!
  • A thorough outline of what you will need for these jobs.
  • Clear guidelines and suggestions to help you get the most out of your new work.
All the hard work has been done for you. Everything has been thoroughly reviewed and I guarantee it is 100% legitimate and the most up-to-date information available.
Information on how schedules are set, if the employer is a W-2 employer or independent contractor, if you are paid on an hourly basis, an 8 hour workday, or if you are paid by the project, or by the minute, hour, or piece.

Verified entries cross-checked against the Better Business Bureau reports and the Rip Off Report, along with publishing of questionable practices to let you make your own changes. We don't print companies with "F", "D" or "C" ratings in our eBook, but a C+ or above makes the cut. But if there is a complaint that seems valid, we will give you fair warning so you can check it out yourself.

The Homeshoring industry is now experiencing an explosive growth. Would you like to be apart of it? If you do then you can check out the eBook An Inside Job to explore your options . You will be glad you did.


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